Crosstown Development


Transforming a national hub for the distribution of goods into a local heart for the cultivation of well-being, the Crosstown Project shifts focus from products to people, from commodity to quality of life.  Building on three of Memphis’ strongest community assets—arts, education, and healthcare—the historic Sears Crosstown building is being preserved and redeveloped as a mixed-used vertical urban village – a purposeful collective of uses and partners.  People will be living and working, learning and teaching, healing and growing well, creating and recreating, shopping and eating, like a really great neighborhood.  Common areas, shared spaces, exhibition spaces and ongoing events and programming – the day-to-day creative and social “friction” – will integrate and elevate the mutual well-being of tenants, residents, and the visiting public.

A dense, active, and peopled Sears will serve as an anchor and catalyst to revitalization and economic development in the surrounding Crosstown neighborhood.  In turn, a newly vibrant Crosstown, located at the nexus of Midtown, Downtown and the Medical District, will provide cohesion for the center city region.